CanAirIO firmware upload alternatives


CanAirIO device supports ESP32 boards with Bluetooth and Wifi features, all boards with it should be able to receive the current firmware. We have six alternatives for uploading it:

Alternative Difficulty Software Requeriments
CanAirIO Web Installer Super Easy PC Browser with Chrome or Edge
CanAirIO Loader Easy Arduino Droid App Android and OTG cable
CanAirIO Loader Basic Arduino IDE USB drivers on Windows and MacOSX
Espressif Uploader Basic Espressif tool Only works on Windows
CanAirIO Installer Basic Python3 USB drivers on Windows and MacOSX
Source code Advanced PlatformIO No needs drivers on Linux

The current supported boards with these methods are here

Boards supported

The last release of CanAirIO Device supports the next boards:

Firmware Name Boards supported Display Guide and schematics
TTGO_T7 TTGO T7, D1Mini, ** OLED 64x48 CanAirIO v2.1
ESP32DevKit ESP32DevKit, NodeMCU V3, ** OLED 128x64 HacksterIO
WEMOSOLED WemosOLED and similar boards OLED 128x64 ESP32 OLED board
HELTEC ESP32 Heltec board OLED 128x64  

** is possible that the current firmware supports more boards and sensors. Also you can choose the sensor brand or type on the CanAirIO Android app.

CanAirIO Web Installer

Super easy tool to load the last firmware version via Chrome or Edge. You only need a USB cable.

Youtube: CanAirIO Web Installer

CanAirIO Loader

With this method you will able to upload the latest version of CanAir.IO firmware automatically via a simple Arduino sketch

You can run it from your Arduino IDE or from your Android phone using ArduinoDroid app (recommended) with a simple OTG cable connected to your board. (see the video below)

Youtube CanAirIO basic loader guide


Please check the complete troubleshooting section of CanAirIO loader here

Espressif Uploader

This option you don’t need compiling the binaries, you can download the pre-built binaries and follow the next steps:

  1. Download the zip file from assets section with the name and uncompress it

    Firmware releases - Assets section

  2. Please download the official Espressif software: Flash Download Tools (ESP8266 & ESP32) from

  3. Please connect your board using a USB data cable, some power bank or charger cables could not work. If you Windows machine don’t have the drivers, please download it before.

  4. Open the software Flash Download Tools.

  5. Please choose “Developer Mode” and then, the third square “ESP32 DownloadTool”.

  6. After that, the window for load the binaries files will be show:

    Firmware releases - Assets section

  7. Please load the four files like is showed in the screenshot with the next values:

     bootloader_dio_40m.bin... @ 0x1000
     partitions.bin... @ 0x8000
     boot_app0.bin.... @ 0xe000
     canairio_ESP32DEVKIT_rev680_20201121.bin... @ 0x10000

    Please note that you should choose the right binary for your CanAirIO device model, for example if you have a ESP32DEVKIT board, you should load the binary: canairio_ESP32DEVKIT_rev793.bin. The others binary files are located in the directory called system into the canairio installer zip.

  8. check the speed:

     SPI SPEED: 40MHz
  9. check the option: DoNotChgBin.

  10. Please show your serial comm port and velocity.

  11. Please click in the START button.

  12. When the firmware downloading finished, please click STOP button.

  13. Disconnect your board from the USB cable.

  14. Reboot your device and CanAirIO home screen will be showed.

CanAirIO Installer

With this alternative you can download the pre-built binaries of install it with a simple CLI tool, please follow the steps here

Via Source Code

The last steps for build and upload a version of CanAirIO firmware are here

If you have any problem uploading the firmware, we have a Telegram group for support, maybe the community can help you. (Spanish/English)