CanAirIO multi sensors library

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CanAirIO Air Quality Sensors Library

Particle meter (PM) sensor manager for multiple (PM) sensors: Honeywell, Plantower, Panasonic, Sensirion, etc and CO2 sensors. Also it handling others environment sensors.

For more details of this documentation please visit the repository.

Supported sensors

PM sensors

Sensor model UART I2C Detection mode Status
Honeywell HPMA115S0 Yes Auto DEPRECATED
Panasonic SN-GCJA5L Yes Yes Auto STABLE
Plantower models Yes Auto STABLE
Nova SDS011 Yes Auto STABLE
Sensirion SPS30 Yes Yes Select / Auto STABLE

NOTE: Panasonic via UART in ESP8266 maybe needs select in detection

CO2 sensors

Sensor model UART i2c Detection mode Status
Sensirion SCD30 Yes Auto STABLE
MHZ19 Yes Select TESTING
CM1106 Yes Select TESTING

Environmental sensors

Sensor model Protocol Detection mode Status
AM2320 i2c Auto STABLE
SHT31 i2c Auto STABLE
AHT10 i2c Auto STABLE
BME280 i2c Auto STABLE
BME680 i2c Auto STABLE

NOTE: DHT22 is supported but is not recommended