CanAirIO IKEA Vindriktning implementation



CanAirIo now supports the Ikea Vindriktning sensor, via uart/serial port. IKEA has released the air quality sensor Vindriktning which measures the PM2.5 density in the air, and shows the classification by a green, yellow or red LED. Has inside a Cubic PM1006 particulate sensor.


The micro controller that reads the sensor to control the LEDs, does so over an UART serial connection, and that, the Tx/Rx lines, were exposed via a set of test pads, along with 5v and Ground power. This makes it easy to attach a second micro controller to the Rx and Tx lines, to read the response when the sensor is polled.




  • VINDRIKTNING air quality sensor with power adapter and usb-c cable.
  • Esp32 board. TTGO T7 version 1.3
  • Soldering iron with solder.
  • Cables for soldering
  • Screwdriver

Assembling instructions

  • Unscrew the case

  • Strip the ends on 4 short pieces of wire.

  • Solder the 4 leads to the test pads labelled 5v, GND, ISPDA and REST.

  • Solder the 5V to 5V, G to G and REST to Rx2 and ISPDA to Tx2 (assuming using a TTGO T7 v1.3).


  • TTGO T7 solder detail:


  • Load the CanAirIo firmware, following this instructions.

  • Place the TTGO T7 in the empty space above the sensor.


  • Screw the case back together

Tested boards

Board Firmware  
TTGO T7 v1.3 Rev 918  


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