CanAirIO Home Assistant integration


Home Assistant site

The last version of CanAirIO firmware is integrated with the open source project Home Assistant, with the next features for now:

  • MQTT Discovery (zero-config for have able your device on HASS)
  • Multi sensor device implementation (One device multiple entities)

You only need for that a Home Assistant instance running with built-in MQTT integration, and your CanAirIO device will be in the device list automatically.

Home Assistant installation

The team of Hass have many alternatives for install Hass to have a centralized controller for you home, for example a local instance running on your PC or laptop, dedicated instance for example on a RaspberryPi or similar hardware. For more details please follow the official instructions.

Home Assistant Installation

MQTT Broker

After install Home Assistant you need a MQTT broker, for that you have two alternatives: install a basic add-on or install a external MQTT broker. For simplicity here we will show the add-on alternative, for that please install it from Add-on Store on Supervisor section, and install the add-on called Mosquitto Broker:

MQTT Broker Installation

You only need start this service and no more. If you want a different alternative or more info about extra configuration, please enter here

MQTT Home Assistant integration

Home Assistant works with many integrations. For understand the MQTT messages from our CanAirIO devices, it needs a MQTT integration. For install and configure it, you only need enter to configuration section, and add the Mosquitto broker integration, like this:

MQTT Broker Integration

With the button configure, we need copy the default password that Home Assistant configured, and save it for the next steps with our CanAirIO device:

MQTT Broker Integration

CanAirIO Configuration

In the CanAirIO app, please put the credentials and the IP of the machine that has the MQTT Broker instance (in this case, the Home Assistant IP address) in Settings->Fixed station->Advanced Settings->Home Assistant Discovery settings, like this:

MQTT Broker Integration

Maybe you need wait for few seconds, and the CanAirIO will be in device section automatically, thanks a discovery feature of Home Assistant, reducing the complexity for add devices. You should have your CanAirIO devices like this:

MQTT Broker Integration

MQTT Broker Integration

For new devices, only do the last step, and that is it.


MQTT Broker Installation

Home Assistant it’s very easy and flexible. In the last step for example, you only need to add it to the main overview section, pressing the button ADD TO LOVELACE and follow the alternatives for generate a new card in your dashboard.



Using our you can use it to have log output of your device and follow the possible issues. For that you only need:

  • connect your device
  • launch the CanAirIO Web Installer
  • choose the USB of the list
  • choose the option logs
  • restart your device to see the complete output

Remember also that we have a Telegram group for support.