CanAirIO CO2 device


CanAirIO CO2 is similar to CanAirIO Bike version, please follow this guide and then you only will need connect your SCD30 Sensirion sensor like a SPS30, via i2c port.

Also CanAirIO supports other CO2 sensors, like SenseAir S8, Mhz19, CM1106, SCD41, etc, but you could have to change the heigh of the 3D Print box in some cases. Please read the CanAirIO Sensors Library documentation for try to connect a different sensor, here we will show the CO2 version with SCD30 sensor:

Basic connection

CanAirIO CO2 Making of

CanAirIO CO2 Improvements


Sensirion SCD30 Schematic

Sensirion SCD30 diagram

Official datasheet

Firmware upload

We already have a super easy way for install CanAirIO firmware on any compatible Arduino ESP32 board like a TTGO T-Display board, (CO2 and bike versions), in a few seconds:


More info in

Other alternatives for upload the CanAirIO firmware, here.

Cloud configuration

CanAirIO CO2 in Anaire


CanAirIO CO2 Calibration