CanAirIO Solar Station


CanAirIO now have power saving settings thanks to the collaboration and feedback from the community. With these modes and the addition of minimal hardware we could have a solar station. Please note that the current status of this solution is testing but we have two stations working well.

Power saving settings

Sleep time mode

With this mode enable, it only suspend the sensors each sleep time seconds. The screen, WiFi and Bluetoot will still on.

Eco mode

Or solar mode. With this mode enable, the complete device is suspended each sleep time seconds.
This mode only will be enter on operation when you leave the Android app (Bluetooth disconnection).
If you want reconnected to the device, maybe the more easy way is: unpair -> scan -> wait for that the device appears again -> connect to it.


Design and image credits by @Roberbike


Main parts that you need are the next, but maybe you could have this components in different shops.

Part Ref Quantaty Shop
Solar panel 5W or 10W or similar * 1 Amazon
Solar controller 1 Aliexpress
Sensirion SPS30 or GCJA-5 I2C sensor ** 1 Aliexpress, Mouser
AM2320 or similar I2C sensor 1 Mouser
Step Up DC-DC to 5v with enable 1 Aliexpress
Battery 650-800 mAh 3.7v or bigger *** 1 Aliexpress

* Maybe for some zones on the earth with 5W it is enough but maybe 10W will be works fine on all places
** is possible a different sensors via UART for example Plantower sensors
*** With more capacity maybe it works fine on weeks without any sun radiation

Tested boards

We are testing some comercial and cheapers boards, for example the TTGO T7 v1.5 its a good board because you only need remove the power LED to have a good performance.

Board Firmware rev A (Deep sleep) A (Execution) A (pico)
TTGO TDisplay rev940 (Solar) 179uA ~160mA 280mA
TTGO TDisplay rev877 (Prod) 180uA ~240mA 300mA
TTGO TDisplay rev882 (Dev) 183uA ~240mA 340mA
ESP32 WROOM-32 rev940 (Solar) 56uA ~70mA 110mA
TTGO T7 v1.3 rev940 (Solar) 5mA ~80mA 110mA
TTGO T7 v1.3 No-LED rev940 (Solar) 4.7mA ~80mA 330mA
TTGO T7 v1.5 No-LED rev906 (dev) 135uA ~80mA 110mA
TTGO T-OI PLUS No-LED rev906 (dev) 22uA ~80mA 110maA
ESP32F rev906 (dev) 11uA 50-60 mA 180 mA
M5STACK STAMP PICO rev906 (dev) 474uA 60-80 mA 140 mA

3DPrint models

GCJA5 air input box


Thanks to

Special thank to @Roberbike for the collaboration of this version of CanAirIO.


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