CanAirIO Bike Device

CanAirIO Bike


CanAirIO Bike try to motivate collaboration from cyclists or people that use it to have mobile tracks of air quality. We have two new device versions, CanAirIO bike with PM2.5 sensors (Sensirion SPS30) and CanAirIO CO2 (Sensirion SCD30), the latter for sensing the right ventilation in indoors or into the public transportation to reduce COVID-19 risk.

Also CanAirIO firmware supports more sensors if you want make a different variant.


These devices able to work in standalone mode without clouds, apps, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. but also you could have the next features:

  • Citizen Science community
  • CanAirIO is Open-Source / Open-Design / Open-Access
  • Two modes: mobile (Bluetooth) or fixed station (WiFi)
  • AQI graph with colors for PM and CO2 values
  • Standard Bluetooth low energy device (GATT)
  • Automatic remote firmware updates
  • Two action buttons with some shortcuts
  • Good quiescent current ~173uA
  • USB Type C interface (support charging on power off)

Mobile station features

  • GPS data tagging via CanAirIO app using Bluetooth Low Energy
  • PAX Counter capability (it counts the persons around you)
  • Two device faces: Air quality or Bike mode screens for now.
  • Some built-in functions: Brightness, AQI graph, sample time, Wifi On/Off, calibration, etc.

Fixed station features

  • CanAirIO cloud alternative : Basic remote dashboard and database
  • Custom InfluxDb alternative: Store all data in your own instance
  • MQTT clouds (coming soon)
  • Sensor Community and other open clouds (coming soon)

Building Guide

Soldering improvements


Main parts that you need are the next, but maybe you could have this components in different shops.

Part Ref Quantaty Shop
TTGO T-Display 1 Aliexpress, Amazon
Sensirion SPS30 1 Aliexpress, Mouser *
AM2320 1 Mouser
M2 screws box ** 1 Amazon
Step Up DC-DC to 5v 1 Aliexpress
Battery 650-800 mAh 3.7v *** 1 Aliexpress
Magnets box (optional) 1 Amazon
Heat shrink box (optional) 1 Aliexpress


  • The SPS30 in Mouser, needs buy the cable independent 1,2.
  • Screws M2x4(4), M2x5(8), M2x6(2), M2x7(2).
  • Similar battery, same voltage, similar capacity but with dimensions max: 48x30x6 mm.

3D Printer box

Please enter here for details and follow some instructions, but:

** W A R N N I N G **

The full updated and last versions for all box versions, are in the official repository because it is more easy for handling the versions than Thingiverse. This page it is only a guide.

CanAirIO Bike 3D printer files


CanAirIO Instructions

Complete list of steps and instructions here.


CanAirIO Bike Schematics

Please note that it is a general diagram, for details of pin connections please review the datasheet of each component. For example the next diagrams:

SPS30 pinout diagram

CanAirIO Bike Schematics

AM2320 pinout diagram

CanAirIO Bike Schematics

Firmware Upload

We already have a super easy way for install CanAirIO firmware on any compatible Arduino ESP32 board like a TTGO T-Display board, (CO2 and bike versions), in a few seconds:


More info in

Other alternatives for upload the CanAirIO firmware, here.

Quick start guide

CanAirIO Bike Quick Start


Specs CanAirIO Bike CanAirIO CO2
Main board TTGO T-Display TTGO T-Display
Air quality sensor Sensirion SPS30 (PM) Sensirion SCD30 (CO2)
Environment sensor AM2320 T&H SCD30 T&H
Auto calibration Factory Manual
Sensors Units PM (1.0,2.5,10 mg/u³),°C,%RH CO2 (PPM),°C, %RH
Track Units Kms, HH:MM:SS Kms, HH:MM:SS
Firmware updates OTA / remote OTA / remote
CanAirIO Cloud Included Included
Recommended on Outdoor**/ Indoor Indoor
Dimmensions 57x24x101 (mm) 57x20x87 (mm)
Weight 95g 52g
CPU ESP32 Espressif ESP32 Espressif
  240MHz Xtensa® Dual core 240MHz Xtensa® Dual core
Flash 16Mb 16Mb
WiFi Yes Yes
  802.11 b/g/n 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth Yes Yes
  v4.2 BLE standard v4.2 BLE standard
Battery 650mAh ~ >=4h 650mAh >= 10h


For review our disclaimer, policy privacy and warranty of CanAirIO Bike device. please enter here