CanAirIO firmware Bluetooth protocol

Firmware Configuration

Via Android App

The current firmware supports setup WiFi crendentials, CanAirIO API or InfluxDb configs via Bluetooth for static statations. You can use the oficial CanAirIO Android app for send these settings to your device.

Via nRF Connect App

Also can use nRF Connect app alternative for send configurations

Protocols via nRF Connect App

WiFi Credentials

  1. Start your sensor with last firmware (rev212)
  2. Scan and connect to it with nRF connect App
  3. Expand the GATT service item (Unknown Service, ends in aaf3)
  4. Click on upload button on the READ,WRITE characteristic item (ends in ae02)
  5. Change value type to TEXT
  6. Put your credentials on New Value field, i.e. like this:
  7. Click on send button.
  8. On your serial messages your sensor will be log succesuful connection or on your display the wifi icon will be enable.

Device name (station name)

Repeat previous steps 1 to 6 but the payload for dname connection is for example:


CanAirIO API credentials

Repeat previous steps 1 to 6 and send the next payload with your credentials:


InfluxDb config

Repeat previous steps 1 to 6 but the payload for InfluxDb connection is:


the fields mean:

  • ifxdb: InfluxDb database name
  • ifxip: InflusDb hostname or ip
  • ifxtg: Custom tags (optional)

Location config

Repeat previous steps 1 to 6 but the payload for sensor location for example is:


InfluxDb payload

The current version send the next variables to InfluxDb:

  • pm25 and pm10, from Honeywell sensor (is a average of stime samples)
  • hum and tmp, humidity and temperature if you connect AM2320 to your ESP32
  • lat, lng, alt, spd, variables that you already configured