CanAirIO Web Installer

CanAirIO Web installer use ESP Web Tools to allow installing the CanAirIO firmware base from the browser. If you want know more about the ESP Web tools, please visit the official GitHub.

CanAirIO is a set of ESP32 based devices that can be flashed with the same firmware. For example to try it out and install CanAirIO Bike version on an TTGO TDisplay, connect it to your computer and hit the button:

Your browser doesn't work! You are not allowed to use this on HTTP!
Your browser doesn't work! You are not allowed to use this on HTTP!

Note, this only works in desktop Chrome and Edge. Android support should be possible but has not been implemented yet. If you don't see your ESP device, you might miss drivers.

CanAirIO variants

Flavor Display Stable Testing
Generic ESP32 OLED 64x48
TTGO T7 or D1MINI OLED 64x48
Heltec OLED 128x64
Wemos OLED 128x64

The display OLED or TFT it is optional, but it is recommended.

OTA Updates

CanAirIO have remote firmware updates. Please download the CanAirIO app and setup WiFi connection to receive the lastest firmware.

Next steps

After first run of CanAirIO without any hardware connected, you will able to see the Pax Counter (PAX) count in the screen. It is also possible because CanAirIO with the WiFi module can be used as detector of people with mobile phones. But you can connect a lot of sensors to it, please check our documentation for more information.


USB Serial Drivers

If the serial port is not showing up, your computer might be missing the drivers for the USB serial chip used in your ESP device. These drivers work for most ESP devices:


If you have any questions or problem please join us on our Telegram group: (Spanish/English)

CanAirIO Web Installer

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