CanAirIO App and CLI alternatives


CanAirIO has two ways to configure its firmware. You able to use an Android device with our CanAirIO App or with a serial terminal using the CanAirIO CLI.

Each alternative has some adventages and some features supported:


Feature App CLI
Systems supported Android 5+ Chrome, Edge and Serial terminal (Windows, Linux and Mac)
Technology Bluetooth Command line interface
Fixed station support Yes Yes
Mobile station support Yes No
WiFi config Yes Multiple networks, WiFi manager, SSID scanning
Home Assistant Yes Yes
Reboot device Yes Yes
Factory reset Yes Yes
Debug mode Yes Yes
CO2 Calibration Yes Coming soon
Fail safe mode No Yes
TX/RX custom pins No Yes
I2C custom pins No Coming soon
PAX enable No Yes
Emoji enable No Yes
Flip display No Yes
Miscellaneous Yes Yes