CanAirIO android app basics


CanAirIO have for the moment a Android app (iOS in progress) for configure and using the CanAirIO device in two modes, mobile station or fixed station. The next guide try to explain these modes.


For now you need any Android device with Bluetooth 4 or above. You can download the CanAirIO app from GooglePlay, keep in mind that it is in continuos development then please any feedback, report errors, or any thing please let us knowed it via our contact form or on our Telegram chat

Quick start guide

CanAirIO Bike Quick Start

Mobile Station Mode

For record tracks on your device (Sdcard) or publish it to the cloud (share), please follow the next steps:

Connection to device

Recording track and share

NOTE: Also all recorded tracks will be saved in the /sdcard/canairio/ directory on json format.

CanAirIO Mobile Map

We are developing a new mobile map, you can see the current tracks that the people share here:

Fixed Station Mode

Also, you can connect your CanAirIO device to the WiFi and leave this like a fixed station. In this mode you only need the Android app only for setup the initial settings, after that the device could be publish data without the phone using the WiFi. For this please download the CanAirIO app and setup the WiFi:

WiFi Setup

  • Open the app and enter on settings section
  • Choose the Wifi Name and set the Password (if it has)
  • Save the credentials with the switch.
  • Wait for connected status in the summary switch


After WiFi is ready, please follow the next steps for publish your fixed station:

  • save Geohash location (turn on the switch for save, it will go to off after some seconds)
  • enable the publication switch
  • wait for some minutes, the device should be show data icon some times
  • your station should be in our Global Map with the special ID showed in the last item of settings

CanAirIO fixed station (fast setup guide)

CanAirIO CO2 easy Setup