Citizen network for monitoring air quality.


Citizen network for monitoring air quality

CanAirIO is a citizen science project using mobile and static sensors
to measure air quality with cell phones and low-cost technology.

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What are we looking for?

We are looking to build a citizen network, an air quality map that will allow us to know what we are breathing and how we can improve life quality. With the data collected we could independently validate official air quality numbers, because what can be measured can be improved.

How can you get involved?

Download our app. With our app and a CanAirIO device you can track air quality in your area and in other areas. You can also build your own CanAirIO device and generate your own air quality reports. You can share widely your reports and those from other users. Together we can promote actions to improve air quality.

Play your part

You don’t need to be an engineer to get involved. If you can draw, write or if you and your company or group of friends want to live in a healthy city, you can get involved.

Our workshops

We have held four workshops so far. In a few hours you can build and start running your CanAirIO device. You don’t need previous training in programming or electronics, just to be willing to learn. You can also do it at home, following our tutorial.

How do we do it?

Think about this collaborative effort as wikipedia that can contribute to improving your health. Have you experienced the benefits of collective data gathering achieved through apps such as Waze? Have you used improved maps thanks to wikipedia? We will achieve our goals in a similar way.

Your device

You can build your own CanAirIO device or propose new devices. We will provide you with detailed instructions.

In your bike

Going for a ride is possible, especially when you’d like to breath some pure air. If you move around you can detect what is the best place to do so.

The App

If you have an Android device, you can download our app to connect to the CanAirIO device

Data consolidation

To date, you can store your captured data in the internal memory of your Android device or you can share it in the cloud.

Popular actions

Once we have our CanAirIO devices and reporting data, we could communicate broadly our findings and be actively involved in policy making decisions to protect our health.

The results

Currently we are building what is necessary so that the result is better quality of life for you and everyone.

Would you like to get involved?

We started gathering data from Bogotá, Colombia, concerned about the pollution in the city generated by old technologies promoted by the government. We want to go further, because we know we can contribute much more.